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- Example picture of two long brackets put end to end to form an arch or span -

The Arch Brackets on this page are designed to be put up over an entrance way.   Remember...they don't need to touch at the center to give the entrance way the look of an arched opening. All  Arch Brackets are hand made here in the shop and are constructed from high quality Manufactured wood and shipped sealed and with a coat of white primer for your painting.  This makes for a smooth nice bracket that will not warp or lose it's shape over time.   The brackets are priced and grouped according to size.    Questions?  Please call.


ORDERING - All arch brackets are made here in the shop to order.  Typical construction times run about a week to ten days depending on the order.


Brackets sold in pairs as you will need (2) TWO to form one arch - All  brackets listed are sanded and shipped coated with a light coat of white primer ready to paint.



  These are large brackets. Much larger than my standard porch/post type brackets.    Most people considering this type of bracket are using it to create a look of an arch over their main entry way onto a porch.   All porches are so different.  Some smaller, where two of the above brackets might just fit perfectly to form a true arch, others very wide and sweeping.  Some in-between.  As this is such a striking look to an entry way I have a couple of suggestions.  Even before you start measuring, stand back and sort of imagine the look you are going for.  Often times, measuring from that point will give you a better look than just trying to fill the entire entry way with a complete arch.  Smaller sometimes is better for an overall look.   Second, if you have a true Victorian house, you almost can't overdo it.  If you are going for just an accent....less is more.


Most applications are painted.  We make and ship standard primed.     Use a brush to paint to ensure a good coat of paint.  Any latex paint.


Time wise, it takes me about a week to ten days to work these large brackets through the system.  There are a couple of days of drying times in between the primer coats after I get them cut out.   I know this is an important addition to the look of your home so don't hesitate to give me a call if you have questions...I really don't mind the phone calls.   Tom



- Yes I can make custom frames for all of our arch brackets. See our framing information page for more information -







Step one: - The brackets come sealed and with just a coat of primer.   By painting the pieces in your contrasting house colors and trim, you achieve a clean nice look. First measure the porch or corner where you want to put a bracket. I always check to make sure the brackets are at a 90 degree angle before they leave. You may find your house corner has shifted over time. Not to worry as any wood putty will fill in any empty spaces.


Step Two: - Select from the list above the design and size that best fits with your plans and remember the brackets can be put up in either direction.


Step Three: - When they arrive, paint and allow to dry overnight. I always put on a coat of primer here so they are very easy for you to paint. Use your exterior house paint.  Latex is fine.    ALL BRACKETS ARE SHIPPED PRIMED AND READY TO PAINT.


Step Four: - Paint again as needed for second color.  Any latex paint is fine.


Step Five: - Install. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ELECTRIC DRILL AND START PUTTING IN SCREWS. If you want to use screws you first have to drill pilot holes slightly larger than the nail or screw you wish to use. This way the wood will not split and will expand and contract with your weather conditions. I prefer to use a wood glue and tape them in place overnight. In the morning remove the tape.  Pre-drilling a pilot hole the same size as your screw or nail is important.


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