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Victorian Signboard #SB-82



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Victorian Fretwork signboard SB-82


Victorian Fretwork signboard SB-82NOTES:  - This SIGNBOARD, SB-82 is a beautiful true Victorian design sign board.    Example sign displayed here is approximately 29 inches long and 7 3/4 inches high,  using our standard cut Victorian lettering.     I have an example sign listed here finished in a yellowish color with an Oyster White milk paint backboard.  Birch cut wood lettering finished with a light cherry Danish oil. It looks even more striking with a black border and black lettering against the white backboard as well.  All signs are custom made here in the shop.     Please call to order and discuss your project. 

COSTS:  The costs can vary quite a bit.  The larger the sign, the longer they take to make and finish.  As a base guide, the 28 inch example sign listed here would run approximately $289.00

TIME TO PRODUCE:  Custom signs typically take 2-3 weeks to produce and ship.

SIZES:  We can produce signs to approximately 48 inches in length.


Victorian Fretwork signboard SB-82 Victorian Fretwork signboard SB-82 Victorian Fretwork signboard SB-82

Click on pictures for larger views - Display sign listed here approximately 29 - 30 inches long  7 3/4 inches tall


This is a two piece backboard design. 

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 Vintage Signboard # SB-82
UPDATE TO VIDEO:  we are now producting this sign to 48 inches long

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Victorian Fretwork signboard SB-82

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