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This sign system is so popular that I have put up a special page here to illustrate. I snuck into the picture above to show scale.   The advantages are several.  First, it is an inexpensive way to have a custom business sign as well as making it adjustable for changes in the future. The customer that I used the display pictures here wanted a more free flowing look to the font.  The lettering can be made more formal looking as well. 

COSTS:  The costs can vary quite a bit.  The larger the sign, the longer they take to make and finish.  As a base guide, the  example pictured above would run approximately $650.00 

TIME TO PRODUCE:  Custom signs typically take 2-3 weeks to produce and ship.

SIZES:  We can produce signs to 5-6 feet long. 


When using Redwood signboards I prefer the black lettering with a black beveled border, however, a red or green border around the outside of the signboard looks very nice as well.  For using a colored lettering such as a red or green, I suggest using something like a pine or light colored wood as a signboard for contrast.  Additionally, The signs displayed here feature a scalloped, or cut out corner system, I can also do a straight beveled signboard as exampled below.

redwood signs signsVictorian rounded corners sign board signs


The signs displayed here are all solid redwood with our standard SIGNMAKERS REGULAR font.  For these types of signs I use professional grade exterior sign vinyl.  I can use virtually any font but maintain a set of specialty sign making fonts.    Signs as pictured are 4-5 feet long.  Signs can be replaced with different lettering in the future to allow for changing conditions.  A big plus!

 I can get fairly creative with them as far as lettering.  Shipping will depend on how large the signboard are.

 The posts displayed here are standard 4x4 pressure treated posts set in concrete and painted white. An easy do it yourself project and available at any home center.  Approx cost of posts and installing figure $30.00 and an hour to put up.  HINTS:  When installing posts use a level.  On two sides.  This way the pole will be straight up and down as the concrete sets.  Make sure they are the same height coming out of the ground as well.

 - Please call to order and discuss -

The above picture illustrates an added flourish for post and sign systems.  A top cap.  These top caps are available at any building center such as a Home Depot.  They fit right over the 4x4 post and really add a nice finishing touch.  The ones displayed here are Cedar, but there are many styles.   They average about $9 each, but in my opinion, worth every penny.  Example sign pictured


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